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Gentle Yoga

Gentle postures, breath, and movement combined to help you consciously connect to yourself. Releasing tension and facilitate relaxation and overall well-being.

Therapeutic/Restorative Yoga

My guided teachings in therapeutic yoga focus on the healing aspects of yoga. Teaching supportive restorative postures, allowing the parasympathetic nervous system relax and restore. This guided practice aids in healing the body from injury, past trauma, anxiety and general wellness. 

Beginners Yoga

The focus is on the basics, proper alignment and connecting breath with movement. Linda's approachable nature will guide you to begin to see that with breath and movement you can consciously support change in your emotional and physical life. 

Private Lessons:  will arrange a customize plan to fit your needs.


Private Lessons: contact me for a consultation and we will discuss your goals, create a plan that is designed just for you. 

INCLUDE your full name with your payment so that I can match it with your RSVP.


Venmo: @Linda-Reilly-Boehm


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